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Protection Pro Device Protection

Most Makes and Models Available Fitted in Store

Protection Pro Screen Protection

Protection Pro Device Protection

Protection Pro is a trusted leader in on-demand device protection, brought to you by Madico, a pioneer in advanced protection technology.

Madico acquired the ClearPlex® brand in 2016, after over a decade of manufacturing its windshield protection film. ClearPlex is renowned in the automotive market for its film that shields windshields from common road hazards and debris. Additionally, ClearPlex developed the ProtectionPro system, which has recently become the global leader in electronic device protection.

ProtectionPro screen protection is a versatile and advanced solution designed to safeguard electronic device screens from damage. Here’s a detailed description:

### Key Features

1. **Custom Fit**: ProtectionPro offers custom-cut screen protectors to fit a wide range of devices, including smartphones, tablets, smartwatches, and more. This ensures a perfect fit for each device model.
2. **Durability**: The screen protectors are made from high-quality materials that provide robust protection against scratches, impacts, and other potential damage.
3. **Self-Healing Technology**: ProtectionPro screen protectors feature self-healing properties that can repair minor scratches and dings over time, maintaining a smooth and clear surface.

4. **High Clarity**: The protectors are designed to be ultra-clear, ensuring that screen visibility and touch sensitivity are not compromised.

5. **Thin and Lightweight**: Despite their strength, ProtectionPro screen protectors are thin and lightweight, adding minimal bulk to the device.

6. **Anti-Fingerprint Coating**: An oleophobic coating helps reduce fingerprints and smudges, keeping the screen clean and clear.

### Installation

1. **On-Demand Cutting**: ProtectionPro systems include an on-demand cutting machine that allows retailers to cut screen protectors to the exact dimensions of a customer's device on-site. This ensures a precise fit and quick service.
2. **Easy Application**: The protectors come with an easy-to-follow installation process, often including a wet application method that allows for repositioning during installation to achieve a perfect fit without bubbles or misalignment.

### Benefits

1. **Versatility**: With the ability to cut screen protectors for virtually any device, ProtectionPro offers a versatile solution for both consumers and retailers.
2. **Enhanced Protection**: The advanced materials and self-healing technology provide superior protection compared to many traditional screen protectors.

3. **Consumer Convenience**: Customers can get a custom-fit screen protector installed quickly and easily, ensuring immediate protection for their devices.

4. **Retailer Advantage**: Retailers benefit from having a single solution for all devices, reducing the need for large inventories of pre-cut protectors.

### Applications

1. **Smartphones**: ProtectionPro screen protectors are ideal for smartphones, offering edge-to-edge protection for the latest models as well as older devices.
2. **Tablets and E-Readers**: The protectors can be custom-cut to fit various sizes of tablets and e-readers, providing robust protection for larger screens.

3. **Wearables**: ProtectionPro can also be used on smartwatches and other wearable devices, ensuring comprehensive protection across all device types.

### Conclusion

ProtectionPro screen protection combines advanced materials, custom-fit technology, and ease of installation to deliver high-quality screen protection for a wide range of electronic devices. Whether for personal use or retail, ProtectionPro offers a reliable and effective solution to keep screens safe from damage.

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