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& RECOVERY @ Phonecell

Water Damage Phone Repairs

We understand the panic that comes when you water damage your phone or electronics. Whether your device took an unexpected dive into the pool or got caught in a sudden shower, we're here to help!

Our water damage phone repair services are designed to address a variety of issues caused by moisture exposure. We've seen it all, from phones submerged in water to devices left out in the rain. If you've ever tried the rice trick and found it less than effective, you're not alone. Rest assured, if your phone has been fixed after a night in a bowl of rice, it likely wasn't water damaged to begin with.

Our experienced technicians offer full clean-up services to restore your phone to a working state or recover your valuable data. From thorough inspections to component-level repairs, we have the expertise and tools necessary to tackle even the most severe water damage cases.

Don't let water damage leave you high and dry. Pop into our store for full details on our water damage repair services. The sooner you bring in your device, the better chance we have of salvaging it. Don't delay—visit today!

water damage phone repairs @ phonecell Frome

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